“Finding Your Parts”

Ever hear yourself say, “A part of me just wants to …. But another part of me wants to….” Maybe you feel an inner conflict about an event or decision. Perhaps you sometimes feel as if you don’t know who is in the driver’s seat calling the shots. Take a ...
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Mindfulness and All That Jazz: getting control of anxiety

MINDFULNESS and ALL THAT JAZZ: GET CONTROL of ANXIETY Whether we admit it or not, we all worry.  Big things, like your job, your relationships, or missed opportunities.  Small things like your to-do list or the stupid thing you think you just said.  A certain amount of worrying is completely normal ...
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Holiday Anxieties

Noises from Inside the Anxiety Closet: The Holidays are here! Christmas! New Years! Hanukkah! Kwanza! Holidays are supposed to be many things: fun, family, warmth, togetherness, celebration.  Everyone who is living a Hallmark commercial like this, raise your hands.  Not so many. Not meeting our expectations? Another let down? The ...
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More Kindness Please!

 STOP BEING SO MEAN (TO YOURSELF) Bullies are a hot topic these days. Cyber bullies! School bullies! Political bullies! We have all known one, seen one, maybe been on the receiving end of one. Images pop easily into our minds. But the most insidious and lethal bully of all – ...
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“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a powerful psychotherapy approach that has helped over an estimated two million people of all ages relive many types of psychological distress.” Cited as an effective treatment by the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Department ...
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Why it’s ok to enjoy life when things get hard

You lost your job and the bills are overwhelming, your partner just received a scary diagnosis from the doctor, your child is in big trouble with a capital T, again!  There is a dark cloud hovering over you.  Your mind seems stuck on a track that screams “Disaster,” and it ...
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Pills not helping your pain?

I am a trained EMDR therapist (member of EMDRIA, the world governing body for EMDR practitioners) and happy to explain to you how this therapy can help you with many different types of problems. EMDR has been recognized as a scientifically effective and evidence-based treatment by the American Psychiatric Association, ...
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Taking the Long View: Psychotherapy

My daughter asked me what I was thinking about as we both sat at the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon. I stared out the window. “Taking the long view” I said. “And what does that mean?” she rightfully asked. A year ago this month, I was contemplating my mortality ...
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therapy is

Where’s My Magic Wand?!

What comes to mind when you hear  someone is told, “go get professional help” or if your doctor suggests that “you should see someone”?  Maybe you have a picture in your head, born from a TV show or a movie of what therapy is.  The professional sits behind a desk ...
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